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Private Label: from commodities to products with high added value

Innovating, exploring and engaging: these are the watchwords that private-label (PL) brands must embrace to keep growing. On one hand, private labels now boast a significant global share of new product launches in the mature food & beverage markets of Europe (31%) and North America (33%); on the other, the pace of innovation has slowed in recent years.

According to a study by market intelligence agency Mintel, to make the most of their opportunities, PLs should look beyond commodities and focus on sophisticated high-end products. Over the years, retail brands have evolved, and positioning based on low price alone is no longer enough. Consumers are now ready to assess brands’ value propositions in the round. Therefore, quality and raw-material sourcing, safeguarding the environment, working with local communities, and promoting a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are becoming key ingredients in how consumers evaluate PL offerings.

Indeed, PL has now become an integral part of the overall retail experience: in Germany, 72% of shoppers choose one chain over another because it offers the PL products they prefer; similarly, 70% of US consumers say that the quality of the private brand reflects the overall quality of the retailer.

What, then, are the new directions to explore in order to keep growing? The answer, according to Mintel, is to innovate, tell your story, and explore new niches in faster-growing markets or arenas with greater potential (such as meal kits).

Whatever the future may hold for PLs, the market will continue to produce surprises, like the San Francisco start-up that launched an online store in 2017 where all the products are unbranded and priced $3 – called, appropriately enough, Brandless.


Largo Consumo talks savouries with Menz&Gasser

Menz&Gasser, Italy’s number 1 jam producer and the European leader in the single-portion segment, has increasingly been investing in its savoury offering. Sauces and seasonings (based on vegetables, spices, etc.) are very much on the menu. As readers of the December 2017 Largo Consumo magazine will know, the company can now supply its products both […]


Single-use portions: the market trend for the next few years

For several years now, packaging formats have tended to become smaller in developed countries, as social changes have brought smaller families and new consumption habits and opportunities. These trends are now fuelling a growing demand for single-use portions – but what are the main drivers behind it? The younger generations of consumers are keener to […]


Menz & Gasser: savoury haute cuisine recipes made to your order

Over the years, at Menz & Gasser we have innovated our way to become masters of the savoury as well as the sweet. We can now offer our customers quality sauces and seasonings prepared with all the experience of our Research & Development lab, and we can create tailor-made savoury recipes to meet any special […]


New video for industry and the private-label sector

To present our array of services and solutions for private-label customers and the food industry, Menz & Gasser has made a light-hearted original video using the craft animation technique. The narrator offers a 1-minute overview of the solutions for these sectors, from immediate and secondary packaging to creating personalized packaging, co-creating brand-new sauces and jams, […]


New safety technologies at Menz & Gasser

Menz & Gasser continually invests in the latest equipment and technology to ensure optimum safety throughout the production process. To complement the optical separator, metal detector and X-ray checks already in use on the production lines, we have recently introduced: an optical-inspection system to check the integrity of the glass jars before and after packaging, […]