Solutions for Bakery & Pastry

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The Menz&Gasser range inspires the pursuit of excellence in your bakery or ice cream shop every day, with various products that are perfect for filling, decorating and garnishing either hot or cold. Thanks to our experience in research and development and our high-tech production sites, we can guarantee maximum quality and stability standards in all our products: baking jams, fruit preparations, gelatin and toppings.


Less sugar and 60% fruit for our stable and versatile baking extra jam. The Menz&Gasser range SINE fulfills the need for ever more genuine, healthy and tasty products.

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Chef Professional

A high-quality product with 50% fruit content, designed for baking, it is extremely stable at high temperatures and makes an excellent filling.

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Baking & Filling

Menz&Gasser’s baking and filling line features a wide range of flavours, high quality raw materials and above all remarkable stability at high temperatures.

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Menz&Gasser’s line of hot and cold gelatin has been developed to add a touch of gloss to your desserts, so that your tarts shine and fruit looks at its best.

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Designed for use by smaller producers, but perfect for large-scale production too, the multipurpose purees in the Menz&Gasser Laboratory line are easily spreadable and offer excellent stability at high temperatures.

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Nitrogen-free and stable at low temperatures, Menz&Gasser’s toppings are available in various fruit flavours, as well as cocoa, coffee and caramel. They are perfect for decorating ice cream sundaes, yogurts, fruit salads, cakes or other desserts.
Available in easy-to-use plastic bottles with a no-drip, no-waste cap.

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The JAM in JAR dispenser features an optional spout to fill croissants with just the right amount of jam, so the customer can enjoy a fresh, quality product every time. A small treat in your pastry shop.

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