Solutions for Industry

From the concept to the product

Menz&Gasser offers its clients in the food industry an exclusive service aimed at identifying, developing and producing innovative and distinctive sweet and savoury semi-processed goods, also based on organic and Fairtrade® raw materials. We are highly flexible in our approach as we accompany the client every step of the way, from the idea to the packaging. This provides distinctive added value, allowing us to maintain low minimum orders, while also guaranteeing deliveries of large orders in extremely short times.

Naturally creative

A dedicated team of more than 60 people takes care of developing and creating custom made recipes and innovative projects in collaboration with the best food manufacturers in Italy and Europe. Our approach leads us to constantly verify the chemical, physical and organoleptic qualities of both the raw ingredients and the end product, with dedicated consultancy services and checks on the compatibility of the client’s production lines.

Streamlined and flexible

A slimmed down structure, with a strong experience in R&D, which stands out for the extremely high level of flexibility offered at every stage of the service: logistics and packaging, development of recipe and choice of ingredients, from a range of more than 200 varieties of fresh, frozen, pasteurised or dried fruit or vegetables, selected according to the client’s requirements.

Straight into production

All along our production processes that treat fruit and vegetables delicately in order to maintain their organoleptic properties and size, we carry out all the necessary microbiological checks as well as tests on product compatibility.Our products are heat treated and packaged in sterile conditions, which means the client can start to use them immediately, without any further intermediate processing, resulting in a beneficial reduction in both stock and complexity.