Nature, environment, people: for Menz&Gasser it is important to play an active social role within our local community, ensure the wellbeing of our employees and remain committed to defending the environment with decisive actions, such as energy saving, reduced consumption and the use of energy from renewable sources. At our production site in Novaledo we have been working to reach zero carbon emissions. At the moment we save about 11,000 tonnes of CO2 every year, that is equivalent to 4,500 tonnes of oil-based fuel. Over the next 18-24 months we aim to bring our carbon-dioxide emissions right down to zero.

Our achievements so far


Tonnes of CO2 saved every year


Tonnes of fuel saved every year


of electric energy by renewable sources every year


of thermal energy produced by renewable sources every year


Respect for the environment we live in is at the basis of our business and production choices: in the last ten years Menz&Gasser has invested more than 10 million euros in this area. The investment has gone towards the development of systems to produce our own, clean and renewable energy for electricity, heating and cooling, as well as the purchase of inverters, LED lighting and the latest control systems to reduce consumption. We have also limited water wastage as much as possible with the creation of a closed-circuit water-cooling system.


For Menz&Gasser our environment is a shared asset, which goes beyond the location of the company. It forms a real, deep bond with the natural, social and cultural surroundings. We are active supporters of organisations such as MUSE (the Trento Science Museum) and ARTESELLA (a contemporary art collection on display in a natural setting) and other initiatives that promote the landscapes, history and cuisine of our Trentino / South Tyrol region.


Always supporting the local community with bold actions and gestures, Menz&Gasser has, in more than 80 years of business, contributed to the success and organisation of various initiatives aimed at promoting exercise among children and young people.