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The Edel range is growing with two new flavours

After our apricot, sour cherry, strawberry, raspberry and cranberry flavours went down so well, we decided to expand our Edel range with two new recipes: peach and forest fruits.

Specially created for hoteliers on the lookout for an attractively presented, superb-quality product to offer their customers, Edel is the range of 55% fruit extra jams in a shapely, elegant jar with an embossed-fruit design.

Menz&Gasser’s commitment continues to providing a constant stream of new products for the hotel trade that are ideal for those seeking a tasty, wholesome and attractive addition to the table to bring their guests an unforgettable breakfast experience.


Menz&Gasser’s sustainability story to appear on our single-portion cartons

All Menz&Gasser single-portion cartons will now carry this message: “We truly believe in sustainable development. That’s why we produce our clean energy from renewable resources available locally: A solar farm A biogas cogenerator running on production waste A state-of-the-art trigeneration plant using local virgin timber chips” These words set out a vital aspect of our […]


Menz&Gasser launches the 1935 spreads: an essential, modern range that really stands out!

Menz&Gasser has chosen Cibus to present our most important innovation of the year, with the launch of 1935, the range of spreads coming soon to supermarket shelves. A simple recipe, with 70% fruit prepared with a gentle touch, is the secret of a spread created for consumers who care about quality and the environment and […]


Menz&Gasser honey gets smart with Snap & Squeeze

Fed up with finding somewhere to put down a used honey spoon? Tired of sticky honey hands? Now Menz&Gasser has the solution! All our honey portions just got smart – with Snap & Squeeze. Now there’s a clean, convenient way to enjoy our honey whenever and wherever you want, thanks to an exclusive patent. Besides […]


The new range of wooden displays by Menz&Gasser

Menz&Gasser is expanding its range of displays for the hotel world, with a new line of units made of chestnut wood, to make breakfast buffets even more attractive and professional-looking. With a svelte, modern design, the new displays can be combined with a special stand, if desired, and are suitable for elegant ceramic pots or […]


Personalise our Prima Frutta 28 g jar and turn it into the perfect gift for your customers

Looking after your customers and making them feel valued and appreciated is crucial if you want them to stay with you for the long term and if you want good word of mouth – an essential for hotels in today’s social-media age. That’s why Menz&Gasser has launched the new service to personalise our 28 g jars […]