M&G LAB is our company’s heartbeat: this is where our projects come to life, where we develop our ideas and create and test our bespoke products for industry and the private-label market. M&G LAB is not a physical place but a unique approach to business. We offer our customers value and knowledge, tools and expertise, providing solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Our ingredients in your success

A dependable, dynamic team

•    Teamwork
•    Swift response
•    Environmental safeguards
•    80 years of experience
•    Listening to customer needs

Specialist R&D Laboratory

•    Selecting quality raw materials
•    Advanced systems and technologies
•    Dedicated project office
•    Legal and graphic-design team at customers’ disposal
•    Continuos customer support

Personalized production

•    Co-creating new recipes
•    Production from recipes
•    Developing immediate packaging
•    Personalized repackaging solutions
•    Flexible logistics