The Menz & Gasser Industrial Division creates, develops and produces sweet and savoury semi-processed products made from fruit and vegetables at a dedicated factory. We meet the diverse needs of industrial and small-business customers in the dairy, confectionery, ice cream and beverages sector.

We can make our semi-processed products using fresh, frozen, pasteurized or dried fruit and vegetables, including from organic and Fairtrade® farms.

We use our expertise, our personalized recipe service, and our knowledge of the raw materials and production processes to support our customers by creating and producing top-quality, competitive products.

“Strong R&D experience, original recipes, a responsive team, and flexible packaging and logistics options: these are the compelling reasons why Menz & Gasser is the perfect partner for industrial and small-business customers in the food sector.”
Flexibility and


We can personalize recipes to suit the customer’s precise needs, starting with the choice of fruit according to its colour and size, as agreed with the customer.

As well as creating ad hoc recipes and offering dedicated logistical and packaging solutions, we monitor for compatibility with our customers’ products and systems, providing support on site and remotely during the production testing process.

Finally, with our flexible production methods and modest minimum order quantities, we can easily test the finished product on the market or offer purely seasonal product lines.

Research & Development


The highly qualified staff in our well-equipped R&D laboratory devise unique recipes for each customer. By seeking out new ingredients and production solutions, we can meet the demands of a constantly changing market. We are continually improving our products’ flavour, colour, structure and palatability while ensuring that our semi-processed products are safe, processable and stable with the required lifespan.

And to assure the quality of the products used before and after baking, we monitor their chemical, physical and rheological properties before every delivery.


we work

Our machinery treats the fruit and vegetables gently to preserve their natural size and organoleptic properties. All our products – from purees to semi-processed products of coarse granularity – are heat treated and aseptically packaged.

The heat treatment, along with an initial microbiological test and a product pumpability check, allows the semi-processed products to be used in the industrial processes straight away, with no need for intermediate processing. This helps our customers to save on processing steps, perishable raw material stocks, and the use of dedicated staff and facilities.

available ingredients

(fruit, vegetables, cereals, functional ingredients, etc.), some organically farmed


packaging formats from 3 to 1,000 litres


dedicated to industrial customers

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