Food Service

Menz & Gasser is the perfect partner for hotels, restaurants and caterers, with an extensive portfolio of innovative, high-quality products to meet their needs.

Single-portion jams and marmalades. Traditional, light or organic fruit preserves. Honey, hazelnut spread and peanut butter. In short, we offer the widest range of Ho.Re.Ca. products on the market today. We also supply a range of table or counter displays made of wood and plexiglass to present our customers’ jams to best effect.

And for large communities – from hotels to cruise ships and other residential centres – our jams, spreads and marmalades are also available in practical buckets in various formats, with even larger pieces of fruit.

Single portions

Menz & Gasser produces and sells single-portion jams and marmalades, traditional, light or organic fruit preserves, honey, hazelnut spread and peanut butter. Menz & Gasser is the European leader for this format, which remains popular because single portions are still the cleanest, most practical and hygienic solution for consuming product in small quantities.

Our Classic single portions are perfect for breakfast and quick snacks; the 50% fruit Extra Premium Quality range is for those who want healthy, hearty flavour in a small portion of jam.
Customers looking to offer an organic corner can choose our organic Fairtrade® single portions, which are ideal for those who care about their health, the environment, and farming communities in developing countries. Our Light single portions range with vegetable sweeteners (from the sweetleaf plant, Stevia rebaudiana) provides a lower-calorie choice. Nocciolino spread, peanut butter and honey portions complete the range with a satisfying energy-rich boost.



Menz & Gasser also provides jams, marmalades and spreads in convenient buckets in various formats for hotels, cruise ships, communities and large residential centres.

Our product range includes: extra jams and marmalades (with at least 45% fruit content); light and extra jam with 50% fruit containing natural sweeteners from the sweetleaf plant; organic/Fairtrade® jams and marmalades for those with a strong social and environmental conscience; smooth, creamy jams from the Cremig range, for more sensitive consumers such as children and elderly people; and the energy burst of our purest flower honey and our cocoa and Italian hazelnut spread. All supplied in practical 2–3 kg buckets.



Menz & Gasser offers a range of table or counter displays made of wood and plexiglass for our customers in the hotel trade to present their jams.

These practical, elegant solutions are made in partnership with Avanguardia, a social cooperative that specializes in working with recycled wood. Where possible, they use wood recovered from our end-of-life pallets and treated with beeswax; thus, we complete our sustainability cycle. These dedicated displays provide a tidy, attractive way to present our products in their various formats.