This sublime spread is loaded with (13%!) hazelnuts from Italy’s Lazio and Campania regions. They are shelled, roasted, mixed with cocoa, and refined in a high-tech process that yields a creamy spread full of nutty deliciousness. An all-Italian burst of energy and flavour.

Nocciolino 2342 kJ/ 561 kcal 33 g 12,5 g 60,5 g 56,2 g 2,9 g 4,1 g 0,10 g
Weight (item): 20 g
Sale unit: 120
Units/layer: 20 units
Layers/pallet: 6
Sale units/pallet: 120
Sale unit size: 230x200x190 mm
Sales unit gross weight: 2,82 kg
Pallet size: 800x1200x129mm
Shelf life: 18 months

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