Menz & Gasser has always listened carefully to consumers, including the most demanding ones. That is how we have developed a range of superb-quality products, all jam-packed with the finest fruit, from 45 and 50% extra jams to 100% fruit spreads, sweetened only with grape sugar, and Nocciolino, our delicious spread made from Italian hazelnuts.

What’s more, we also offer our products in organic/Fairtrade® form for the most scrupulous consumers.


Menz & Gasser produces jams, marmalades and fruit preserves in a range of flavours bursting with fruit goodness, in convenient glass jars of various sizes, from family-size jars of extra jam to extra jams and marmalades with 50% fruit and spreads with 100% fruit ingredients.

And for something truly sumptuous, we have Nocciolino: an unmistakably soft and delicious cocoa and hazelnut spread (with no less than 13% Italian hazelnuts).



For when you feel like some fruit goodness, even on the move, Menz & Gasser has created handy cartons and portion packs with 6–8 assorted single portions. They are also available with extra jams containing 50% fruit and in an organic/Fairtrade® version.



Menz & Gasser fruit syrups are a great base for healthy, refreshing drinks and water ices. Packed with fruit and flowers, they are available in the classic flavours of orange, sour cherry, raspberry, mint, citron, and elderflower (with up to 40% flower extracts!). Elderflower is a popular traditional drink from the South Tyrol countryside; the syrup is delicious diluted with water or used in a “Hugo”, the trendy new cocktail.

Menz & Gasser syrups are available in 3 formats: classic 750 ml and 1,500 ml glass bottles for families and bars and convenient 5-litre cans for heavier use.