Extra jam assorted jars pack
Our 50% fruit extra jam in an elegant 3×28 g carton that makes a great alternative gift idea. Available in your choice of flavour combinations from apricot, orange, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and blackcurrant. READ MORE
Extra jam assorted portions pack
An extra jam made with 50% fruit in a new 8×25 g carton. Perfect for snacks, picnics or weekend breakfasts. Pack contents: 2x strawberry, 2x apricot, 2x cherry and 2x peach. READ MORE
Organic and Fairtrade® jams pack
The first certified organic and Fairtrade® single portions in Europe. Extra jam for those who care about their health, the environment, and farming communities in developing countries. Available in 5-portion packs in a practical, colourful dual-function display/container. READ MORE
Extra Jam assorted portions stick
Our extra jam with 50% fruit is made exclusively from high-quality IQF fruit. It is full of fruit pieces, flavour and goodness, all in a new cardboard pack with 8 assorted portions. READ MORE