New “100daFrutta”
Our “100daFrutta” spread features the same traditional recipe in a new jar with a fresh, modern design, developed with smaller families in mind: 240 grams of fruit flavour and aroma with about 47% fewer calories than our PrimaFrutta extra jam. Enjoy it as a wholesome snack spread on a slice of bread or add a […] READ MORE
PrimaFrutta Premium Quality
These extra jams with 50% fruit in elegant 340 g jars are made exclusively from high-quality IQF fruit for consumers who demand something extra. With lots of fruit pieces, flavour and goodness. READ MORE
Our extra jam with 45% fruit in convenient 450 g jars in selected flavours. New – now also available in cherry and raspberry flavours! A store of sweet goodness for whenever you need it. Also available in a 400 g format. READ MORE
This sublime spread is loaded with (13%!) hazelnuts from Italy’s Lazio and Campania regions. They are shelled, roasted, mixed with cocoa, and refined in a high-tech process that yields a creamy spread brimming with nutty deliciousness. All-Italian energy and flavour, in 400 g and 750 g jars. READ MORE