Chef Professional
This quality product made with 50% fruit is highly stable at oven temperatures and makes an excellent filling. Developed specifically for craft bakers, small cake shops, and hotels with their own pastry chefs, it comes in a convenient 2 kg bucket. READ MORE
The Organic-Fairtrade® range now also includes these convenient 2 kg buckets of extra jam organic and Fairtrade® certified. A product for hotels that are proud to offer organic breakfast products for guests who care about their health, the environment, and farming communities in developing countries. READ MORE
PrimaFrutta Premium Quality
This 50% fruit extra jam is made exclusively from high-quality IQF fruit for the most discerning consumers. It is full of fruit pieces, flavour and goodness, all in a convenient 2.5 kg format. READ MORE
Our Extra jams, made with 45% fruit, are available in convenient reclosable 3 kg buckets in a wide range of flavours for consumers who know what they like. READ MORE
Our velvet-smooth 50% fruit extra jam. It is made exclusively from high-quality IQF fruit cold-sifted to maintain its colour and flavour for a creamy consistency with no pieces or seeds, created especially for demanding children of all ages. Available in 3 kg buckets. READ MORE
For those who want to stay in shape without sacrificing the pleasure of good eating, we present our new extra jam with 50% fruit, made with natural vegetable sweeteners from the sweetleaf plant (Stevia rebaudiana). More natural; fewer calories (around 36% fewer than our Extra jam)! Available in convenient 2.3 kg buckets. READ MORE
Our flower honey is also available in convenient 2.7 kg buckets: a delicious source of energy to make the most of your day. READ MORE
This sublime spread is loaded with (13%!) hazelnuts from Italy’s Lazio and Campania regions. They are shelled, roasted, mixed with cocoa, and refined in a high-tech process that yields a creamy spread brimming with nutty deliciousness. All-Italian energy and flavour in practical 3 kg buckets. READ MORE