The high quality of Menz & Gasser products begins with the finest raw materials from selected suppliers that must meet our strict quality, safety and reliability requirements. Our accurate traceability system gives us constant control over the supply chain, and our numerous product and process certifications encapsulate our commitment to ensuring the highest quality standards for our customers.


Our production process has been carefully developed to capture the fruit quality at its best (maintaining the colour, flavour and aroma) as well as its nutritional properties. From pressure cooking at lower temperatures to the radio-frequency pasteurisation processes and our packaging systems and materials, we ensure that our products are packed with the finest fruit flavour.


At Menz & Gasser, quality also means providing the best product for each customer’s specific needs. That is why we have devised dedicated production lines for the Ho.Re.Ca sector, with single-use packs or buckets for larger customers and confectionery shops, and finished or semi-processed products developed as high-performance fillings with great decorative impact.


Quality for Menz & Gasser doesn’t stop at the production line. We provide full support to our customers, listening to what they want, understanding what they need, and ensuring that they are fully satisfied. It’s a cornerstone of our success.

"Product quality has always set Menz & Gasser apart, ever since we were founded. Our tireless efforts over the years have yielded ever-rising sales, yet without compromising on the high quality that our customers have come to expect"
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