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Menz & Gasser has been producing jams and marmalades in single portions and buckets for the hotel, restaurant and catering (Ho.Re.Ca.) sector for over 80 years. We make spreads and jams with up to 100% fruit in glass jars and cartons of 4 or more mono-portions for supermarkets.

We also supply fruit syrups for both distribution channels (with up to 40% flower extracts and 35% juice), which are ideal for refreshing drinks, water ices and cocktails.

Menz & Gasser also makes a comprehensive set of purees and semi-processed products for high-quality confectionery and ice cream making. They are very stable at high temperatures and are great for filling, jellifying and decorating desserts, cakes and doughnuts. A wide variety of toppings for decorating ice cream and confectionery products complete the range.

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“Menz & Gasser brand products aim to please the most demanding consumers and to meet the specific needs of all our customers, from hotels and large communities to confectionery shops”

Food Service

Menz & Gasser is the perfect partner for hotels, restaurants and caterers, with an extensive portfolio of innovative, high-quality products to meet their needs. Single-portion jams and marmalades. Traditional, light or organic fruit preserves. […]


Menz & Gasser has always listened carefully to consumers, including the most demanding ones. That is how we have developed a range of superb-quality products, all jam-packed with the finest fruit, from 45 and 50% extra jams to 100% fruit spreads, sweetened only with grape sugar, and Nocciolino, our delicious spread made from Italian […]

Cakes & Pastries

Menz & Gasser offers a comprehensive range of products and semi-processed products devised and made specially to meet professional confectioners’ and ice cream makers’ needs for quality, variety and creativity. Through our 80 years of fruit processing experience and intensive research and development in our specialist […]


The high quality of Menz & Gasser products begins with the finest raw materials from selected suppliers that must meet our strict quality, safety and reliability requirements. Our accurate traceability system gives us constant control over the supply chain, and our numerous product and process certifications encapsulate our commitment to ensuring the highest quality standards […]

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2017 Agorà award: Menz&Gasser wins plaudits for design and sustainability

Menz&Gasser has won the Agorà award for the best POP product, with our MENZ & GASSER FRUIT JAM DISPLAY for the Ho.Re.Ca. world. The Agorà award was established in Sicily in 1986 by the Club Dirigenti Marketing (marketing managers’ club) to reward and encourage good advertising and marketing communication. This year drew 116 creative entries, […]


Menz&Gasser offers a new take on 10 traditional Italian confectionery classics in the new Jam Tales recipe book

Menz & Gasser has put all its experience and creativity into creating Jam Tales, a recipe book that takes a fresh look at 10 Italian confectionery classics, by combining wholesome Menz&Gasser products with some of our country’s authentic traditional sweet recipes. The Italian confectionery tradition is a real art that has innovated and reinvented itself […]


The first full range of organic & Fairtrade® jams for the Ho.Re.Ca. trade

Now hoteliers, restaurateurs and caterers have their own line of organic and Fairtrade® products to choose from, as Menz & Gasser launches Bio & Fairtrade®, the first complete range of jams for the Ho.Re.Ca. trade. These exclusive products have been created to offer an organic choice for guests and customers who want a tasty, wholesome […]


New recipes from Menz & Gasser

Do you know how and when to use Menz & Gasser’s confectionery products? Our pastry chef has some tips for you

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