Menz&Gasser’s fine Italian products take to the skies with Philippines Airlines

Menz&Gasser is flying high with a new partnership that will enable Philippines Airlines passengers to enjoy one of our classic, top-quality products – the elegant 28g jars of strawberry extra jam with 50% fruit plus halal and kosher certification. Thanks in no small part to Hela Spice, our Singapore distributor, we entered and won the […]


Breakfast, Italian style: tastes are changing, but Menz&Gasser always has its finger on the pulse

Breakfast as a microcosm of Italy’s eating habits – that, in a nutshell, is what the third edition of the Osservatorio Immagino Nielsen GS1 Italy about breakfast products was all about. According to the Observatory, the traditional breakfast in vogue until a few years ago seems to be on the way out, supplanted by new […]


Menz&Gasser and Minirunning: the partnership is ready to go again this year

Menz&Gasser is supporting Minirunning once again. The local fun run for all boys and girls aged 6­–12 will take place this year on 2 September in Moena in the Val di Fassa. It is a great way for tourists and locals alike to come out and enjoy themselves in the fresh air of the Fiemme and […]


Menz&Gasser has been awarded the Qualità Vegetariana® Vegan certification mark

Menz&Gasser has just added to our roll of honour of certifications, with the Qualità Vegetariana® Vegan mark for our ample selection of jam and confectionery product lines. It is another step forward that reflects the company’s strategic commitment to meeting consumers’ needs. While the proportion of people choosing to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet […]


Restyled! The 4x20g pack of organic and Fairtrade® extra jams

Menz&Gasser’s assorted single portions of Organic Fairtrade® extra jam now have a fresh new look. It has been created especially to set off our range of organic products to best effect and to fit seamlessly with the range’s characteristic design, colours and motifs. The newly restyled 4x20g portion pack gives an immediate brand-recognition boost to […]